Public, Less than 2-years Colleges

In United States, there are 249 public, less than 2-years post-secondary education institutes such as colleges and universities. Next table shows general information about public, less than 2-years colleges.
Public, Less Than 2-years Colleges General Information
Number of Schools249
Next table shows the faculty (instructional Staff) average salary by academic rank. The average salary is calculated and weighted with for all 9, 10, 11, or 12-months contracted instructional staffs.
Average Faculty (Instructional Staff) Salary By Academic Rank At Public, Less than 2-years colleges
Academic RankHeadcountAverage Salary (Month)Average Salary (Annual)
Next table summarizes non-instructional Staffs average salary and headcount by occupation.
Average Staffs Salary By Occupation At Public, Less than 2-years colleges
OccupationHeadcountAverage Salary (Month)Average Salary (Annual)
Note again, you can access all staffs and faculties statistics including occupation, gender, race, and new hiring at Public, Less than 2-years colleges on Staff/Faculty Directory