Alaska Colleges

In Alaska state, there are 12 colleges and universities. Next table shows general information about colleges in Alaska state.
Alaska State Colleges General Information
Number of Schools12
Private not-for-profit3
Private for-profit2
4 Years or more7
2-4 Years5
Less Than 2 Years0
Next table shows the faculty (instructional Staff) average salary by academic rank. The average salary is calculated and weighted with for all 9, 10, 11, or 12-months contracted instructional staffs.
Average Faculty (Instructional Staff) Salary By Academic Rank At Alaska colleges
Academic RankHeadcountAverage Salary (Month)Average Salary (Annual)
Professor217 $9,377 $112,522
Associate professor305 $7,992 $95,899
Assistant professor465 $6,824 $81,884
Instructor157 $5,127 $61,529
No academic rank1 $4,160 $49,920
All instructional staff total1,145 $6,351 $76,216
Next table summarizes non-instructional Staffs average salary and headcount by occupation.
Average Staffs Salary By Occupation At Alaska colleges
OccupationHeadcountAverage Salary (Month)Average Salary (Annual)
Non-instructional staff total3,420 $4,910 $58,915
Postsecondary Teachers - Research671 $5,232 $62,785
Postsecondary Teachers - Public service202 $5,270 $63,240
Librarians, Curators, Archivists, other teaching and Instructional support209 $5,234 $62,813
Management407 $7,615 $91,375
Business and Financial Operations151 $5,172 $62,067
Computer, Engineering, and Science238 $5,524 $66,283
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media181 $4,631 $55,574
Healthcare Practioners and Technical11 $5,052 $60,624
Service158 $2,881 $34,572
Sales and related69 $3,110 $37,315
Office and Administrative Support884 $3,848 $46,177
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance205 $3,956 $47,474
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving34 $4,427 $53,126
Note again, you can access all staffs and faculties statistics including occupation, gender, race, and new hiring at Alaska colleges on Staff/Faculty Directory