South Carolina Colleges

This page contains the number and salary outlays for full-time, nonmedical, non-instructional staff by occupational category at South Carolina colleges. For detail statistics about staffs including filters by gender, race, faculty status, and new hiring at South Carolina colleges, see Staff/Faculty Directory.
Average Staffs Salary By Occupation At South Carolina colleges
OccupationHeadcountAverage Salary (Month)Average Salary (Annual)
Non-instructional staff total19,311 $3,980 $47,759
Postsecondary Teachers - Research175 $7,033 $84,390
Postsecondary Teachers - Public service58 $5,136 $61,628
Librarians, Curators, Archivists, other teaching and Instructional support1,274 $3,519 $42,225
Management3,171 $6,954 $83,451
Business and Financial Operations1,520 $4,053 $48,631
Computer, Engineering, and Science1,940 $4,265 $51,174
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media2,506 $3,881 $46,569
Healthcare Practioners and Technical309 $3,990 $47,875
Service2,142 $2,507 $30,089
Sales and related123 $3,426 $41,114
Office and Administrative Support4,758 $2,859 $34,307
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance1,130 $3,049 $36,590
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving205 $2,736 $32,833
Note again, you can access all staffs and faculties statistics including occupation, gender, race, and new hiring at South Carolina colleges on Staff/Faculty Directory