Palau Colleges

In Palau state, there are 1 colleges and universities. Next table shows general information about colleges in Palau state.
Palau State Colleges General Information
Number of Schools1
Private not-for-profit0
Private for-profit0
4 Years or more0
2-4 Years1
Less Than 2 Years0
Next table shows the faculty (instructional Staff) average salary by academic rank. The average salary is calculated and weighted with for all 9, 10, 11, or 12-months contracted instructional staffs.
Average Faculty (Instructional Staff) Salary By Academic Rank At Palau colleges
Academic RankHeadcountAverage Salary (Month)Average Salary (Annual)
Professor1 $2,547 $30,564
Instructor12 $1,422 $17,064
All instructional staff total13 $1,509 $18,108
Next table summarizes non-instructional Staffs average salary and headcount by occupation.
Average Staffs Salary By Occupation At Palau colleges
OccupationHeadcountAverage Salary (Month)Average Salary (Annual)
Non-instructional staff total132 $1,234 $14,812
Postsecondary Teachers - Research14 $1,287 $15,447
Librarians, Curators, Archivists, other teaching and Instructional support9 $951 $11,409
Management23 $2,213 $26,555
Business and Financial Operations5 $1,030 $12,365
Computer, Engineering, and Science2 $1,488 $17,851
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media19 $1,267 $15,209
Service26 $832 $9,986
Sales and related1 $985 $11,819
Office and Administrative Support33 $928 $11,138
Note again, you can access all staffs and faculties statistics including occupation, gender, race, and new hiring at Palau colleges on Staff/Faculty Directory